Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Maxine cailler
Jesse, I miss and love you. I think about you everyday. I remeber all the good times we had in elementry school. Jesse I love and miss you very much.

Sue Williams
Hi Carol, Had a minute and went to Jesse's website. It was so beautiful that I know the rest of my day will be "divine". I won't forget the fun we had at TCF convention. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Carla Begin
I can never hear the song "Days of Elijah" without picturing you singing it for us when I was pregnant with our Elijah. He is now 4 years old and sings the song often...and each time, I picture you singing along with him.

Jesse I miss you and think of you often. Every butterfly I see I think of you! Love ya June Bug

Katie Sheehan
I miss you a lot Jesse! I think about you so much. Love you!

Hey J, I was driving today and I started thinking bout you!!! I Love And Miss You Tons!!! Love Court xoxoxo

I love you and miss you every day!!! xxoo

jesse, i miss u soo much and i luv u soo much. u were the greatest friend i could ever ask for.

It's amazing that such a young man like Jesse can touch so many lives in his short time with us. I'm sad to say that I never had the pleasure of meeting him but he is an inspiration to go out and do good things for others.

Greg Hill
As the parent of a 13 year old myself, I cannot imagine the grief you have endured. Jesse was a lucky boy to be born into such a loving family. I wish I had known him.


='( jesse i miss u so much!!!! u r my best friend and always will be my best friend!!!!!!!! i luv u and miss u!!!!!

I love you J-Rock - Think about you everyday! Me & Mom talk to Raury (RJ) about you all the time! xxoo

Love you J.

Jesse...I still have the sand you gave me from Fenway Park. I only pull it out on special occassions like when the Sox are in the playoffs....or when we're playing the Yankees...just because we don't like them. I miss all of our games of tic tac toe and hangman! You are missed my friend. I still think and talk about you frequently. With Love....Deb

Maxine Cailler
jessie i miss you!!! u made me laugh and u touched my heart!!!!!!

Hi, thinking of u 2day

Rachel, Kevin & Lauren
What a beautiful website for the remembrance of such a special boy. This just shows how much your mom dedicates to you and how giving she is to share you and your memories with all of us. We miss you always, that will never change. Stay close to us as we continue to live our days with your absence.

tyler I
HEYYYYYYYY J-RockI miss you a ton....... i love you xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo I allways think of you and your in my prayers hen i pray. love Tyler Your Brother

carol, the website looks awesome! thank you so much for adding a page for the garden! next year (if we have a next year, the garden is currently coverd with a thick 4 feet of snow!) I will be making my own website for the garden. i will try my best to donate to the blood drive in may. guess what, as of today, i am oficially an organ donor in the state of NH. I got it on my License for Stage Lighting and Lights Operation, in case i was to fall off a ladder, or out of a catwalk or something. It feels really good to give back to other people in hopes that part of me may live on within someone else.

Denise & Jessica
Jesse, we miss you so much. You must have helped the Red Sox in their victory this year. Love, Denise and Jessica

Hey Jesse, Love You and Miss You very Much!!! Love Courtney

Hey Jess, Been thinking of you a lot. Saw the Red Sox at spring training. They look good. Happy St. Patrick's Day, bud.

Julie Moore
Hi Carole I just wanted to say that you and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers. I think of Jesse often and smile!

Just wanted to say a hello to the family and friends! The storms come and go, but the sunny days you all shared together will live on in your hearts and minds. Never lose sight of Jesse's light and Pay It Forward!

Courtney Fishel
Hey J-Man...Keep watching over the Red Sox...There doing awesome...Love You and Miss You Very Much!!! xoxo

J-Rock - Red Sox going to the World Series XXOO

June Clarke
I so enjoyed the photos of Jesse's family. Thank you for sharing. You are a wonderful family and God Bless all of you.

Ricky F Brown III

Lynn Hodgdon
I am so sorry to hear of Jesse's passing. Stephanie told me about it and I asked her to get your name and address but she didn't know your last name. I stumbled upon this site doing a search. I am sorry for not speaking to you for so long.........please forgive me. Please let me know your email address because I would like to get in touch with you. Love to you. Lynn

Sue Williams
Carol, Wow! What a tribute to your son. You have done such a great job on your website. I enjoyed following through Jesse's life. It's just as you told me.... Thanks for sharing your son with me. I'm sure Tony and Jesse are having a lot of fun in Heaven. Hugs, Sue

I am so proud to have been your religious ed teacher at Ste Marie Parish. I remember you as you got ready for your first Penance and for your First Communion. You always put your whole heart and soul in everything that you did and that is such a great quality that you have. You were a fine actor in our classroom Christmas Pageant. A King you were in the Christmas Pageant at Ste Marie Church and a King you will always be to me because of your great courage in health and in sickness! I love you, Jesse

Julie Moore
How beautiful. Carol the page is such a wonderful tribute to Jess. He would have thought it was really cool. He is often in my thoughts. Julie

J Rock...I love and miss you very much. You are always with me. I LOVE YOU! Love your favorite babysitter Courtney:)

Kathleen Turner
For such a young man he had the heart of giant and the spirit of someone who had walked this path before. From all of us that worked, played and laughed with Jesse, we we're the ones that were the most fortunate to have had him in our lives.

Rose Lanci
A child should outlive his/ her parents. There is no greater pain than losing your child. Just know that there are others that feel your pain and truely understand. Rose(Mark Carr's Mother)

+ Jesse, I miss seeing you at 11:30 mass, every time they play Raise Up An Army i think of you.. sometimes tears come to my eyes. + Carol, I'll always be here for you whenever you need me, and never hesitate to use my phone numbers, no matter what time of day it is, call me while i'm in school if you have to, and ill call you back when i get home. You and your family took on a special place in my heart, and always will. I look forward to seeing you on Mondays, and will miss that next year as Tyler moves on to 7th grade. But at least we still have Sunday's, and we'll have to hang out together sometimes... get to know each other more. So i can really share what's on my mind. Love, Mandy

We love you Jesse!! Love, the newest Foote addition, Raury Jesse Foote XXOO

debbie ledoux
God bless.

diana / tyler
hi, we miss you diana wishes she met and got to know you tyler sends lots of love love dian & tyler

Luv you, J-Rock. Love, Dawny, Bri and Alex

J-Rock your always in my thoughts xxoo Always Loved: Dawny, Alexandra & Brian

Tracey Mosman
Jesse, You will be forever in my heart.Baseball season seems a little empty now,but I know your watching us.You know you helped make our team the best in the leaque,and we will go on together. Russell misses his little buddy.Keep an eye on us,ok. Tracey,Russell,Russell James, Amanda and Drake Mosman Dec.7,2006

Jessenia Mercure
I'm a close friend of Dawn's and had the chance to hang with out Jesse and his awesome family on several occasions. He was always SO HAPPY and we'd play a hand of rumi (cards) when we could and let me tell you, HE WAS GOOD!! My husband and I just had a son, Max, and I will consider ourselves blessed if Max has as much positive attitude and spirit as did Jesse. Sweet dreams! The Mercures

cathy and alex
Hi Auntie Carol, We miss Jesse soooo much!! We love you all and are here for you!!!You are in our prayers. Love Alex:):):)and Cath

Heidi & Alex Lorenz
I'm not sure what a dream book is...& there are no messages yet to tell me?! So, I'll write what I dream for which is inspired by my buddy Jesse...I dream all realize purity of heart such as exhibited in Jesse Isabelle! Could you imagine how peaceful we would all feel??? Heidi & Alex ;0)


  1. This is the new blog / guest book

  2. jesse, you were the best friend i could ever have. i love u and i miss u dearly. your on my mind 24/7. some days when i think about you, i start to cry cause i miss you soo much. jesse you are greatly miss by all your friends. i love and miss you <3

  3. Dear Jesse,
    You probably wouldn't remember me, but I was in your kindergarten class years ago at Green Acres. I can't believe that I've only heard of your passing just now, and I'm heartbroken. You were such a happy kid and I remember you fondly. I wish that I'd have known sooner. You are so inspiring and that smile of yours keeps on shining. See you on the other side, buddy. Love, Samantha

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